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In 2014, we began leasing a 3-acre agriculture lot in Kahaluʻu, Oʻahu. This gave us a landbase for our workshops and farming operations. Working tirelessly,  have transformed this parcel into an abundant farm lot with taro, breadfruit, and other fruit trees, pigs, chickens, and other crops. Join us here for community workshops and inspiration!

Volunteer with US

Get your hands dirty

Come join our weekly volunteer workday.  Thursday mornings from 6am - Noon.  Help us with clean-up, maintenance, and special farm projects.  

Sign up for our newsletter to be notified for additional volunteer opportunities. 



Have Some Ideas?

We are open to the abundance in the universe.  Fundraising gives us the capacity to help impact even more.  Our Annual Events like Ku'i at the Capitol and La Ho'iho'i Ea have and will be community supported and funded.  That means we need to hear your ideas and we want to collaborate to raise funds. If you would like to host a fundraiser for our non-profit, please contact us using the forms in the footer. 

Do you want to heal the land, the community and yourself through indigenous lifestyle and agricultural practices?  We are only as food secure as our neighbors are.  Let us all begin to use ancestral knowledge to solve our current food insecurities.  We offer access to many forms of sustainable family practices Including:

-Soil remediation

-Organic fertilizing methods

-No-smell pig/livestock husbandry

-Imu making, access to kalo, maia, and ulu cultivars. 

Please complete the contact form to schedule a farm consultation for us to teach you and your family to grow organically. 

Join Our Workshops

Papa Kuiai Accelerator  Program

Workshop hours are Saturdays 8am-5pm (and by appointment Monday- Friday).

Get help in designing your own board from start to finish and go home with an invaluable tool to bring traditional food preparation implements back into your home. 

Use the contact page to sign up!


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