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Honaunau Momona

Honaunau Momona aims to promote the preservation and practice of Hawaiian cultural traditions, with a specific emphasis on food preparation. By encouraging families to adopt Hawaiian food preparation techniques, we aim to cultivate a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness between our food, land, health, and spirituality. Through education, outreach, and community engagement, we strive to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their food choices and to be stewards of our natural resources. We are committed to creating a sustainable and equitable future for all through the promotion of Hawaiian cultural practices while establishing multigenerational habits for our children to re-connect with the ahupua'a system.

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Every Thursday from 12:30pm-Dark,

Honaunau Community Ku'i is building capacity for kalo traditions in South Kona.  By offering both kama'aina (local) and malihini (visitor) a weekly space to access cooked kalo, papa ku'i'ai, pohaku ku'i'ai and all the necessary tools for you to clean cooked kalo and prepare using the ancient practices, fresh hand pounded pa'i'ai and poi.  You take home what you make.  This is a great workshop for beginners and is a must for learning about the Hawaiian food staple poi.


Community Ku'i is a workshop that requires sign up by Wednesday 5pm for Thursday workshop.  This gives the host ample time to prepare kalo, space, and assign equipment.

Please follow the signup link below to register.  


Every Friday from 9am-2pm, find us at Pu'uhonua O Honaunau National Historical Park,

Where we organize poi pounding demonstrations, offering locals and visitors a unique cultural experience while educating and inspiring the community on the importance of self-sufficiency and supporting local food systems.

Donations are valued to support our efforts in preserving and revitalizing traditional Hawaiian agriculture.


Honaunau Community Compost Pick-ups. 7am-12pm

We offer bi-weekly compost pick-up services to help divert organic waste from the landfill and turn it into nutrient-rich soil for local agriculture. By participating in our composting program, you can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve water, and support healthy soil ecosystems. Join us in our mission to create a more sustainable future for our community and the planet. Your donation keeps this program alive to continue to Reduce food waste and promote sustainable practices in our community.

Please use the contact page to participate.


Local, wild and indigenous food gathering is a practice that involves sourcing and harvesting foods from the natural environment around us. This practice connects us with the land and helps us to understand and appreciate the biodiversity of our local ecosystems. By gathering wild foods, we can also support the preservation of indigenous knowledge and cultural traditions. This practice promotes a healthy and sustainable diet, as wild foods are often nutrient-dense and free from the chemicals and additives found in processed foods. This allows up to reconnect with our health and our ancestral roots, build community, and promote a more sustainable and resilient food system.


Furthers our ability to reach more within our community and REVIVE HAWAIIAN Culture.


Save Your Spot

Honaunau Community Kui
Honaunau Community Kui
Multiple Dates
May 25, 2023, 12:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Captain Cook,
83-5321 Middle Keei Rd, Captain Cook, HI 96704, USA
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